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A Quick Beginners Guide To Flashcoin (FLASH)

Flashcoin (FLASH) is a litecoin fork that allows users to make very quick transactions of about 5 seconds on the blockchain.

FLASH, as an altcoin is a reinvention of Litecoin, built to scale for wide-reaching commerce and fast enough to handle day-to-day transactions.

It has an easy to incorporate and flexible central code that allows exchanges and wallets to add FLASH to their platform within hours. 

Flashcoin creators developed the coin to address issues they feel Bitcoin and Litecoin could not with their main aims at transaction speed, fees, and volumes and electricity used in mining cryptocurrencies.

FLASH has a flexible programming architecture that enables makes it easier to include in developments. Its structural design enables affordable and easy transfers of value at lightning speed. It is also designed to assimilate a decentralized and real-world remittance platform.

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It also has overwhelming features that are beyond imagination. These features consist of zero inflation which makes sure that no new coins are created, a public blockchain that eradicates the need of an intermediary, high volumes that enable enormous transactions to be made and also its eco-friendly nature. Because all the coins needed are already in exchange, there is no need for energy concentrated mining which would cost a whole lot.

Flashcoin has an optimistic future despite regulatory concerns due to the fact that it was not crowdfunded making it recognized worldwide as a cryptocurrency and not a security. Its value develops through operation; in essence, its value is determined by everyday usage and adoption which is a great point to note.

Flashcoin can be obtained from various exchange sites worldwide such as NaijaCrypto, BITKER, COINEXCHANGE.io, CRYPTOPIA, Einstein exchange, COINHUB and so much more. 

The altcoin has a web wallet and other wallets including Coinomi, Coin Payments, ETHOS, QT (Windows, Mac, Linux).

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