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About BlockNewsAfrica

BlockNewsAfrica was created by the makers of The Dash Times (Dashpay Magazine). The first commercial DASH blog, which was established in 2016.

We have studied the blockchain media landscape and have also contributed to it in the past.

In the revolution will take shape in different forms and different places.

The stories will be endless, so must the coverage of these amazing stories be. The African continent is set to be a major player in the blockchain industry with several areas expected to be affected by blockchain technology.

BlockNewsAfrica intends to highlight the revolution on the African continent from the African perspective.

BlockNewsAfrica as a media platform will provide news lead by breaking trends and well thought out research that will help further efforts to spread blockchain technology across the continent and showcase great stories from the continent.

BlockNewsAfrica will also partner with other groups to help build a more robust ecosystem across the African continent. We are currently based in Accra, Ghana with correspondents across the entire African continent ready to break the news as it happens and bring you thought-provoking and eye-opening content on the page.

We intend to uphold the standards of news reportage and provision of information while performing our duties. BlockNewsAfrica wants to be your go-to site for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain from Africa.

To keep our audience updated with all the happenings from the cryptocurrency space, BlockNewsAfrica will occasionally report non-African specific news items.

BlockNewsAfrica – Crypto from 54: Cryptocurrency news from the 54 states of Africa.

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