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Binance Charity To Launch Stablecoin In Support of Feminine Health

46 blockchain companies led by the Binance Charity Foundation launched a project based on the African continent to support feminine health. 

The project launched the Pink Care Token, a stablecoin on the Binance Chain with the aim of channeling funds to Uganda.  These funds would be used to purchase sanitary products for women who don’t have access to such products. With the aid of Uganda’s government, the project is expected to see its first wave of charity donations mud July. 

In a speech delivered by the CEO of Binance; Changpeng Zhao, the Pink Care Token is the first social impact took of the Binance Chain and apart from the impact its set to have on society, another aim is to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa and charity is a good way to pursue this dream. 

As the growth of the cryptocurrency economy keeps increasing, many blockchain and financial companies see this initiative as one they can fully support. VeChain, Tron,  Ripple, etc are all showing support for the Pink Care Token initiative. 

Cryptocurrency is yet to see it’s cut through in many third world countries. Places where the standard of living is not appreciable and are in constant need of aid relief. Projects like the Pink Care Token initiative sets to have a huge social impact on such economies while propagating the gospel of cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions in such countries and the positive effect cryptocurrency is set to have on such economies. 

The Binance Charity Foundation is allowing interested people who seek to contribute to the aim of ending poverty and providing a better life for people, especially in the third world to make donations here.  

Uganda is just the first of many countries that the Charity Arm of Binance seeks to make a social impact. 

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