Legitimate Ways To Earn Bitcoin in Africa [Reviewed For 2020]
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Legitimate Ways To Earn Bitcoin in Africa

“Earn Bitcoin” – you might have come across this statement online and got let down by scam websites that tried to trick you.

Or you are entirely new to bitcoin, and you are wondering how to earn bitcoin in an easy and realistic manner. In this article, we cover the most legitimate ways to earn bitcoin if you are based in Africa.

The rush to be part of the global population with at least a fraction of bitcoin in circulation due to the technology and value is real in 2020.

Owning bitcoin, especially in developing markets like Africa and South America, is a great way to hedge against poor economic conditions and weak currencies.

You can own bitcoin by buying bitcoin, mining bitcoin, or earning bitcoin. Earning bitcoin is not as easy as it was in the early days but is still a viable method of making an income.

You will need a bitcoin wallet to save the bitcoin you are about to earn. Check out our top bitcoin wallets article to pick a wallet of your choice.

Here are the best ways to earn bitcoin if you find yourself in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and other African countries.

1. Do Tasks For Bitcoin

The easiest way to earn bitcoin for free in Africa or any part of the world is via micro-task platforms. 

These sites pay you small fractions of bitcoin (satoshis) for completing various tasks like filling out surveys, sharing on social media, and testing applications.

Several micro-task platforms allow you to earn bitcoin. Top 2 bitcoin micro-task platforms include Cointiply and BitcoinReward.

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Cointiply is a bitcoin rewards site that gives you free bitcoin every time you complete a task like downloading apps and finishing surveys.

BitcoinReward.net is a relatively new platform that operates just like Cointiply. BitcoinReward is a web-only platform meaning it has no mobile app.

2. Work For Bitcoin

If you have any skills that are required by companies around the world, you could potentially earn bitcoin online. Several freelance sites help you land jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

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Writing, software development, community or social media management, and graphic design are some of the most popular jobs available in the bitcoin ecosystem. 

Websites like CryptoGrindCryptoJobsList, and XBTFreelancer are a great place to find bitcoin jobs. You can also read our Cryptocurrency Jobs Guide for in-depth resources.

3. Bounties

Cryptocurrency projects use bounties to reward new users and promote brand awareness. Bounties are marketing campaigns that reward you for sharing information about a cryptocurrency brand.

For instance, you can earn bitcoin from a bounty program by sharing a new brand’s website on Twitter or Facebook.

There are several bounty programs in the ecosystem every month, and platforms like Bounty0x allow you to track new bounties.

4. Shop For Bitcoin

This method lets you earn bitcoin while spending money online. Bitcoin cashback reward applications are platforms that pay you a partial refund (rebate) for every purchase you make.

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Lolli offering you money back in bitcoin for purchases on GoDaddy.

Platforms like Bitcoinrewards.com, Lolli, Fold App, and Pei require you to make purchases using their extensions or connect your bank card to the app to receive rebates in bitcoin.

Lolli is the most popular cashback application. The platform supports shopping from over 500+ brands like Expedia, Udemy, GoDaddy, BestBuy, CheapOair, and GAP.

Fold App and Pei require you to connect your card to their applications before you start shopping. Both are available for Android and iOS.

5. Airdrops

Airdrops are similar to bounties. They are campaigns by various projects done to promote their brand, especially token or cryptocurrency.

This marketing campaign involves the distribution of free cryptocurrencies to new users to inform them about the existence of a project or the distinctive features of a token.

You can use AirdropAlert and Airdrops.io to monitor the latest airdrops.

6. Get Tipped In Bitcoin

People tip you bitcoin online for helping them or sometimes just because they want to (that rarely happens). Random tips usually happen to people who produce bitcoin related content online (blogs, tweets, videos).

However, platforms like bitfortip give you bitcoin for providing an answer to questions asked by people. 

Bitfortip is a mobile and web platform. You earn bitcoin every time your answer is liked by the person who asked the question.

7.Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games are just like regular games, but they reward you bitcoin for completing missions and levels. With bitcoin games, you get to have fun and earn bitcoin at the same time.

All the games mentioned in this article are mobile-based and can be downloaded in the Play Store and App Store. Top examples of bitcoin games are Bitcoin Alien Run and  Altcoin Fantasy.

What About Mining?

Mining bitcoin is not as simple as it used to be, making it very difficult for new and regular users to partake in. This guide is meant to provide realistic methods for readers to earn bitcoin in Africa without much struggle.

Also, we occasionally give away free cryptocurrencies on our Twitter account. Follow us on Twitter to participate in our giveaways and get the latest news.

If you have any questions about platforms in this article or other platforms you have found, talk to us in the comments section below.

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