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Ekiti State University Hackathon Set To Focus on Blockchain Technology

The Ekiti State University is set to host a hackathon from 25th July to 27th July that will place emphasis on financial technology such as blockchain.

Ekiti State University is an institution of learning based in Ekiti State, Nigeria with a renewed focus on the development of technology that will improve the lives of the masses in Africa’s largest country by population.

In light of this, the university will be hosting a hackathon this month that will help spot great talent and projects in the fields of IP/copyright, financial services, supply chain/logistics, transportation, education/academics, land title, and agriculture.

The hackathon’s blockchain focus comes as a result of the recognition of blockchain technology as a viable solution for several problems on the continent and support from blockchain companies such as Aeternity Ekiti and FlashCoins.

Barineka Maagbo, a leading member of the organizing team for the Ekiti State University Hackathon told BlockNewsAfrica that the event seeks to promote grass-roots adoption of blockchain in Nigeria. He said:

The hackathon is keen on how it will push the boundaries of innovation and make blockchain technology ready for mass adoption. This initiative for this hackathon aims at promoting grass-roots adoption of blockchain and helping the grassroots to provide the support needed to provide grass-roots solutions.

Barineka Maagbo

The hackathon will take place at Delight Hotel and Suite with the winning team and second-placed team picking up N100,000 and N50,000 respectively.

According to organizers, the Ekiti State University Hackathon will feature a high esteemed jury that will judge based on criteria that will take idea/creativity, originality of code, prototype or finished work, presentation, publicity into consideration.

This hackathon forms part of many efforts to introduce blockchain technology to people on the African continent while solving real-world problems.

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Disclaimer: BlockNewsAfirca is the official media partner for the Ekiti State University Hackathon.

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