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How To Buy FlashCoin In Africa [2020 Reviews]

In this guide, we look at ways to buy FlashCoin, an alternative cryptocurrency that is rising in popularity on the African continent. 

FlashCoin continues to expand across the African continent, it is one of the few cryptocurrency projects with an active community across West Africa. 

Due to its activities on the continent, the cryptocurrency has been added to various exchange platforms, making it easier for Africans to trade FlashCoin directly.

Here are 3 ways to buy FlashCoin in Africa:  


NaijaCrypto is one of the biggest success stories from the continent in 2019. The newly created exchange went online in March 2019 and has added several users since.

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Further, NaijaCrypto was one-half of the first Nigerian exchanges to be listed on coinmarketcap, the most popular cryptocurrency data aggregation website.

NaijaCrypto allows users in Nigeria to buy FlashCoin directly. In addition to the FLASH/NGN pair, NaijaCrypto also offers a FLASH/BTC pair that allows you to buy FlashCoin with bitcoin (BTC).


Bitfxt, another half of the first Nigerian cryptocurrency exchanges to be listed on coinmarketcap also allows Nigerians to buy FlashCoin. However, bitfxt doesn’t have a direct naira to Flashcoin pair but instead requires you to buy bitcoin with your naira to buy FLASH.

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Trading on Bitfxt comes with a 0.25 percent fee, 0 percent deposit fee and a 200 naira withdraw fee for fiat withdrawals.

FLASH Mobile P2P Marketplace and HTM

Another convenient way for buying FlashCoin in Africa is through the peer-to-peer marketplace embedded in the FlashCoin mobile application. 

The peer-to-peer market place allows you to sell FLASH to anyone around the world without any third party in-between. This is achieved through a matching system that connects buyers and sellers from around the world.

The FLASH wallet plays the row of an escrow and ensures that all parameters necessary for the trade are met and executes the trade after the two users have agreed to the terms of trade. 

What’s more, there is an HTM feature on FlashCoin mobile applications that allows users across the world to offer a gateway between fiat and cryptocurrencies. 

For instance, let’s say you are in South Africa with FLASH and you want Rand (ZAR). You will just have to look on the map for someone in the local area who is willing to buy FLASH for rand. You can then contact them on the encrypted app, and meet in a public place to complete the transaction.

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