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Revix Brings Crypto Bundles To South Africa

Revix (Revolutionary Index) has now made it possible for South Africans to invest in cryptocurrencies through crypto-asset bundles.

Revix is a digital asset management platform integrated and founded in the United Kingdom by Sean Sanders and Louis Buys. It is a platform where users can now earn passive income from cryptocurrency investments made through bundles.

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Revix is an online asset management platform that aims at providing a secure and smarter way to invest in digital currencies taking into consideration investors who are not able to exploit every opportunity by providing a diversified basket of assets known as bundles from which investors can choose from.

These bundles are of low cost and reduce risk of loss. They also consist of cryptocurrencies that are rebalanced to keep the investments up-to-date with the changing markets.

Revix (Revolutionary index), uses variation as a result of the volatile nature of the market to foresee which cryptocurrency will gain traction and which ones will not.

The diversified baskets of assets cause the investor’s risk to decline whilst his returns increase making it easier for more people to entire the highly volatile crypto market.

The current bundles offered by the Rivex platform include;

  • Top ten bundle: this an all-inclusive bundle that provides investors the opportunity to invest with the top ten cryptocurrencies
  • Payment bundle: this includes the top five largest bundles focused on the payment of good and services.
  • Platform bundle: this bundle is focused on the five biggest platform-focused cryptocurrencies.
  • Privacy bundle: this bundle provides the investor with the three largest privacy cryptocurrencies.

How the Rivex Bundle Works:

In order to buy bundles, investors must first register and deposit funds into their account in their preferred currency or through a bank transfer with investors having a minimum deposit of R500 ($34.04) after which they can select their bundle.

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Sanders revealed that Revix has been programmed to link investors to crypto exchanges with a smart price routing algorithm that looks for the best available price for the investor.

The Revix platform allocates better price ratings to its investors than what has otherwise been made available to local investors and hence shielding them from currency depreciation and geo-political risk hedges associated with the offer.

Rives is currently providing a very unique solution for a growing South African blockchain ecosystem. We will monitor their progress and keep our readers updated.

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