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South Africa’s Anker Wallet and POS Adds DASH

South African based cryptocurrency wallet and merchant solution, Anker has added DASH to its platform.

Anker is one of the few African based cryptocurrency multi-coin wallet solutions. The platform includes in-wallet conversion tools as well as staking rewards for its native ANK token. Further, Anker has a merchant solution that allows business owners to accept cryptocurrencies.

DASH joins Anker’s native ANK token, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethreum and bitcoin as cryptocurrencies supported by the Anker platform. In an exclusive interview with BlockNewsAfrica, Les John Vorster, Anker’s Chief Marketing Officer cited DASH’s speed and privacy features as perfect for their platform.

DASH is a perfect fit for the AnkerWallet and wider platform due to its speed and anonymity. DASH and the DASH community have consistently added to the growth of the market, by speeding up grassroots adoptions in nations where the unbanked needed a shield against inflation and the devaluation of their currency, but where foreign currency was hard to acquire.

Les John Vorster, Chief Marketing Officer.

The Anker ecosystem also includes bitcoin ATMs that can be found in South Africa. Moreover, the company is also one of the few bitcoin ATM producers on the continent. 

A unique feature that makes AnkerPay easy to use, is its email send feature. With his feature, all emails on the platform can serve as cryptocurrency address for transfers between users of the application.

Moving forward Anker intends to expand its ATM network across all 9 provinces of South Africa in their quest to push bitcoin adoption.

The AnkerPlatform is currently expanding its ATM and Point of Sale network to all of the nine South African Provinces. We are expecting to have ten fully operational ATMs within the next two months with the goal of adding 100 ATMs across the continent within two years. The Anker team is exploring expansion across the African continent with Nigeria and Kenya already in their sights banking the unbanked along the way.

Les John Vorster, Chief Marketing Officer – Anker

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