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South Africa’s iCE3X and Ballet Crypto To Introduce New Wallet Type

iCE3X, a popular South African exchange is partnering with Ballet Crypto to promote the world’s first non-electronic cryptocurrency physical wallet in South Africa.

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Ballet Crypto is a new startup by Bobby Lee, the Co-Founder of BTCChina, an exchange that was extremely popular in China. The startup provides a non-electronic hardware wallet to store cryptocurrency.

This type of wallet makes storing bitcoin as easy as storing traditional currencies. Ballet Crypto launched its non-electronic wallet this year and iCE3X has partnered with them to promote it in South Africa.

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Gareth Grobler, iCE3X’s Founder describes Ballet Crypto reliable and safe. He said:

Ballet is an easy, reliable and safe way to keep your own crypto funds – without any hassle of complicated key management and remembering passwords. A simple scratch card works for our users when they want to access their funds. I like it because in my view more people lose funds through user error than hacking or theft.

Ballet Crypto works by providing the user with a physical card that serves as their wallet. The wallet then contains a unique bitcoin address that can be used to accept payments by just a scan.

iCE3X has actively urged its users to refrain from keeping their cryptocurrencies from keeping their funds on exchanges. This partnership fits their goal to make cryptocurrency more user-friendly and safe.

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