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UniVote To Pilot Blockchain Voting In Nigerian University

UniVote is a blockchain voting platform by students of the University of Jos, Nigeria, that intends to increase political participation by fostering transparency in public and private elections.

A pilot of the platform will be held on 16th January 2020 at the University of Jos in Nigeria. The blockchain election platform is built on the Ethereum test net with a plan to on the aeternity main-net in the nearest future.

Speaking to BlockNewsAfrica, the team behind the project expressed that they expect their application to become a beacon of hope for democracies worldwide:

We believe the need for a platform that is not only genuinely secure but dependable will be a beacon of hope and a new face of transparency across all socio-political and socio-economic threads of every community.

Currently, the traditional process is an analog method with ballot boxes, voter lists, and ballot papers. It is characterized by long queues, ineffective personnel, faulty voting equipment/ late arrival of the equipment, and host of insufficiencies that make the whole affair cumbersome and undesirable. 

UniVote is built to eliminates all these problems. The system comes with no queuing, no election materials, no personnel policy, where voters can vote from anywhere in the world on a secure and transparent platform.

Further, Upvote’s live result feature that everyone can see the results as appear change reaching to rural areas and urban city alike with the nature of the platform election time can be stretched with no extra cost.

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The UniVote team also believes blockchain technology is in line with the principles of democracy. 

Democracy is almost everything the blockchain stands for freedom, security and equality, and transparency. In our opinion, the blockchain platform was created for this specific purpose, not having innovations like this running on the platform will be a waste of tech.

The main aim of the project is to encourage political participation by providing a genuinely secure and democratically accepted outlet for stress-free and new elections.

The team members of the project include Goodness Ezeokafor, Emmanuel Nduka, Kevin Shitnaan Kaslong, Godfrey Haggai Malan President NACOSS University of Jos chapter & CEO Jay toons studios, Shekinah Gonzwak Director of software NACOSS and Stephen Sunday Kusu eternity Lead for West Stephen & CEO KusuConsult and the support from NACOSS national, esteemed Department of Computer Science University of Jos and the ICT Directorate University of Jos.

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Kojo Owusu

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