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What’s App Hunts For Blockchain Policy Expert in Africa

Facebook’s WhatsApp is looking to hire a Sub-Saharan native who is well versed in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain policy-making.

Recently, a job opening for a public policy manager whose duty is to wok hand-in-hand with Facebook’s Africa Public Policy team to ensure blockchain technology and digital payments can be used to facilitate socio-economic development is on the verge.

The job item does not comprise of Libra nor Calibra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency task and its parallel wallet. Nevertheless, Libra’s aim is to bring monetary amenities to unmerited people and more specifically, permit money transfer over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, however, failed to comment on media inquiries asking if the job is linked to the Libra project. The job listing also included that it would be in London or Johannesburg with significant travel time and calls for someone with proficiency in digital identity, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Speaking of social media in Africa, it is of no doubt that WhatsApp is the first to pop up, irrespective of conditions. Facebook has realized that the most dominant digital form of transaction in Africa, Mobile money accounts, a mobile-based micro-financing application formerly known as MPESA, exceed bank accounts especially the Sub-Saharan region.

It also has an outstanding record of having approximately ten percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) under the mobile money segment according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

Facebook’s coin, Libra is scheduled to make its maiden appearance on the crypto scene in the early months of 2020. But there is a catch! They vowed not to release Libra until it satisfies concerns made by regulators across the globe over the cryptocurrency’s probable impact on everything from privacy to financial solidity.

Likewise the Facebook wallet, Calibra is beefing up its compliance team to manage the many legal pitfalls it will face. The team will also include a sanctions lead, head off compliance and head of fraud.

Facebook is looking forward to filling 50 positions which are blockchain-related. Some of them include a public policy manager for Europe, the Middle East and not forgetting Africa, says the careers page. 

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